January 23, 2012

Fathers & Daughters etc.

One of the most precious things on this earth is the relationships that a father and daughter can have. If you have a father that loves you and spends time with you, then you are a very lucky girl. The average working father in America spends 19 minutes with his children, and most of that is spent eating dinner with the family. Most of the girls in our country don't know what it means to have a good relationship with there father. A whole lot of teenage girls say they hate their father, maybe this is partially because they are ungrateful and selfish, but maybe the other part of it is that they never had special moments with there father, their dad never took them on little trips or did projects with them. He was so busy trying to provide food, shelter and nice things for his family that he never stopped to think about his little ones growing up into adults. If you are a parent reading this, then you know how fast children grow up. You have to take every opportunity to shape your children into Godly examples for the world. How else do you do this then spending time talking and being with them? You can give them assignments and projects to work on that will help mold their character, but it's not the same as holding there hand and doing it with them. Even little things make a huge impact in a daughter's mind. Like going to the grocery store with just her, or going Christmas shopping for the rest of the family with her and listening to her opinions on what her family will like. There are so many things that a father can do with his daughter. I have been blessed with a father that loves me so much that he would die for me without thinking twice. I know this because he tells me he loves me every single day, we can talk about anything together. He has done so many different things with me to show me he cares, and also because we have a blast together! Here is a little list of some of things he has done with me: Taken me to a coffee shop and we just talk. Taken me to go kayaking together. He has taken me to an endless number of lunches. Bike rides almost every night. Making trails with him through the woods. Taken me bowling. Taken me to museums. One time he took me to a cave in our area and we walked through it together. Also he has taken me to every single tennis tournament I have ever played, we have made so many memories doing that. Also he has taught me tennis, we have spent a lot of time training together. Also on road trips I will usually travel with him and navigate for him. There is no possible way that I could tell you every special thing I have done with my father, the list is almost endless. He means the world to me, I can't imagine a world without him in it. Not only has he done lots of things with me, he has taught me a lot. If God blesses me with a husband half as good as my father I will be a very lucky girl. The reason my father has taken so much time to be with me is because he cares about what is going on in my heart, he listens very carefully and it makes me feel like I can tell him anything in the world. But he doesn't have to take me somewhere and make it out to be a whole day with me. Most of the moments we both cherish the most are the ones where I am just talking with him. Maybe it's driving with him to the grocery store, or doing a chore with him, maybe it's just being around while he works outside in the yard. Little things like getting him a glass of water or lemonade, means a lot to him. Your father loves you so much, he doesn't need to do a special activity to enjoy your presence, just being with him will bring joy to his heart if you are cheerful and happy. But if you have an attitude of hate or despite against your father, he will not want to be around you. When you are bitter or sour about something, it makes it harder for him to like being around you. Our father's will always love us, but when we are mean in spirit it makes everyone else's spirit mean too. The woman has a great role in the household of creating what kind of atmosphere is in the home. We are the mood setters, if we have a spirit of peace and love, it will make it much easier for everyone to get along in peace. Even if your still a younger girl you can still do little things to make the mood pleasant. Doing a chore without being asked or just smiling and being happy can make a huge impact on the people around us. In the world we live in today we are surrounded by darkness, for so many people all they can see is emptiness, let your light shine bright so all will see it, and maybe, if we all do our part, we can change the world for the better.

I hope you all enjoyed this article, may God bless all of you <3

Abigail Prudence