About The Author

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to come read my blog. I hope that everything here is a representation of my passion for the young women of this generation and the future generations to come. I would like to first of all say that I am definitely not perfect, I have made some big mistakes and I at this point in time still trying to figure out what my life is right now, this is one of the reason I have not been posting as many original articles as usual. I am still really young and inexperienced in life, but have always felt that there is a great need for encouragement to our Christian young ladies. I am always looking for new article ideas, so if you have an idea or have written an article you would like to submit, please tell me about it! Well, if you have clicked on this tab it is probably because you would like to know more about me, Abigail Prudence. I love a lot of different things, writing is one of my favorites. Along with writing, I love to play tennis, kayak with my father on the San Marco river, take photos, listen to classical music, sing in the forest and last but not least baking. Before I get married, I have always hoped to work at a bakery or have my own business, soon I will hopefully be taking more lessons in this area. My favorite thing in the world is to listen to classical music and write, I feel a peace that I don't feel anywhere else. Another one of my favorite things is making soap, my mother and I have been doing the craft for about 3 years now and sometimes go to craft shows to sell our soaps. My favorite part is the warping the soaps in beautiful paper! I love doing things with my hands, maybe it's one of the reasons I love to write so much. I really want to play an instrument, but I haven't had the opportunity as of yet. But my dream is to play the harp. I have had a few lessons, but I haven't been able to get consistent lessons in either yet, right now I am trying to scrap up enough money to buy one, but that will take a while, huff. :) Well, if you would like to know some little, in-important things about me, my favorite color is turquoise, my favorite season is fall, and I love dogs! My favorite outfit is my long 5 tiered denim skirt with a white blouse. I have glasses so I can see better as I start to learn how to drive in a few months. I love my best friend Beth with my whole heart down to the core! I wear a silver purity ring on my right hand that my father gave me when I turned 16 years old. I am fascinated with ancient history, particularly Egyptian and Greek. I am a book worm, I don't read as much as I'd like, but when I do sit down with a good book I very much enjoy it. I have been playing tennis since I was 10 and I am kind of getting tired of it, I am going to move on to the harp for now, but will still play for fun on occasion. My birthday is on January 15th and I will soon be turning 17 years old.

Well, if you have managed to get through this whole thing, thank you. :) The pictures below are some of my better photography.

I have been taking Photos for about 4 years and still trying to get the hang of it. I love taking photos, I am always looking for new ideas on how to take a shot. I have a cannon power-shot camera, I am not sure what the name is, but it seems to work great.

And this last photo on the left is me at 16, thanks again for taking the time to read this.

God bless you all,
Abigail Prudence Sitter