July 10, 2009

Sin is Like Gum

Sin, mans greatest challenge since the beginning of time. It comes in every shape and form you can imagine. From the day that the Pilgrims landed on American soil, the family home was a safe haven of peace and love. But, over time our culture and the things we took for granted have changed drastically. Today, in our modern culture, we don’t even feel the need to apologize for sin or cover it up somehow because it has been so deeply ingrained into our culture. Now, in the ‘modern’ Christian home, it is common to find young girls dating, also worldly music has incorporated itself into so called “Christian rock, or modern Christian music”. The worldly music that is playing everywhere has lyrics that are usually pointing towards free sex, violence, gossip and many other perverted things. Listening to these kinds of lyrics destroys one’s spirit and soul. The media that we can see with our eyes is very similar. Everywhere we look there is pornography and lust. These sins that I’ve listed so far are just the beginning of the temptations that our media has crafted to look so juicy so we will fall into sin. Now let me explain my title, I’m sure all of that are reading this have had a stick of gum before right? Well, if you have then you have experienced a sudden burst of flavor, and then as you chew it longer the flavor, ‘the juiciness’ of it fades. It’s the same way with sin, Proverbs 16:26 There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Man has always thought that his way, the way of sin, will be the right way. But anyone that does fall into sin and gets stuck in it, ends up just like a piece of gum, stuck to some dinner table in a old forgotten restaurant. But Jesus Christ is the only One that can save us from our sin, God help all of us.

God Bless Texas, Prudence

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Anonymous said...

Abigail, This comparison of sin to gum is very interesting. You have some good understanding for a young lady. You also have great potential as a writer, keep reaching to convey your thoughts so we can benefit from your view.