September 4, 2010

THe Portable Patriot

Hi everyone, I am still in Texas. I did pretty well in my last tennis tournament so that means I will be going to state! Since state is in a few weeks, we decided to stay here until it rolls around on the 17th. Today daddy and I were walking around Border's bookstore to get a history book for my schooling. While we were looking we ran across this wonderful book, I have only been able to read the forward so far it looks great. Let me give you a brief description. ~ The Portable Patriot. documents, speeches and sermons that compose the american soul ~. It's composed by a Christian man, and I am very much looking forward to reading the documents and statements from our founding father's that made this country strong in it's beginning. Let me read you an excerpt of a quote from Noah Webster
The history of the first English settlements in America, and of the measures which prepared the way for a revolution in the colonies, is too interesting not to be well understood by men of common curiosity and reading... That history unfolds a series of great events, evidently suited to accomplish important purposes in the economy of Divine Prodence... events which every American of expanded views must contemplate with admiration; and every Christan, with delight.
- Noah Webster
I will keep you updated with my favorite quotes and poems from this book as I read it.
May God bless and keep you all safe this weekend and give you a wonderful time with your families this Labor Day!
God Bless,
Abigail Prudence

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