August 17, 2011

Why is Prayer Such a Fight?

Pray. That word appears 306 times in the Bible. Obviously God thinks that it is important that we pray. I used to have a very good prayer life, but after some things happened to me, my prayer life went away completely. Until this morning that is. I got down on my knees, and talked to God, my what a good feeling that was!! It has been so long! Almost a year of being away from God and it felt so good to feel his presence again. I am so happy! When you don't talk to God you feel dead inside, your eyes darken and you change. Don't let that happen to you. Trust me, whatever sin you are in it is just not worth it. Just take the time, there may be other really important things in your life, but prayer is not one of the things that should be pushed aside. I had missed God so much, being able to talk to my Creator again, it is such a relief to my soul. I want to thank my good friend Hannah for exhorting me a LOT to pray, encouraging me and praying with me. It wasn't easy, but I am finally able to talk to God again, not as closely as before, but that will come with time. I pray that God will help any of you that are struggling in your prayer life, and that He will help you get back up on your feet. Prayer is so important, and the devil knows it too. He'll try to distract us with something, literally anything, to keep us from praying. He knows how powerful it is, and when your not praying, it is easier for him to do what he does best, steal, kill and destroy. We need to shield ourselves from sin, when we are in sin it makes us harder to talk to God. And when we aren't praying and crying out to Him, casting our cares and worries before our Savior, it makes it easier for the devil to attack. This is why we must study God's word, pray and even fast if we must to get our spirit strong in the Lord so we can fight off sin when it comes our way.

May God give you all grace in Jesus name,

Abigail Prudence

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Miriam said...

Prayer is so *very* important! I am so glad that you have got back into your prayer life! =)
Love you!