November 19, 2009

Hopeless Romantic?

This is a post I found from a friend's blog. I wanted to post my answers. Hope you like it, You can take it and post it on your blog if you want.

What two qualities do you want most in your future husband?
To have an undying love for God - A servants heart.

Is there a fictional character you see as a model for your future husband?
No. But if my father could be a role model then that's what I would say.

Where do you want your wedding?
Either in a Church or at a scenic mountain retreat.

What are your views on courtship?
Courtship Wins. I am not finding my husband through the dating system, how ever my future husband will find me, the process of getting to know each other will be with parental guidance and caution.

What are your views on your first kiss?
Hopefully my first kiss will be at the altar, I'm not planning it before then.

Do you have or want a purity ring/locket?
No I don't currently own one, but I would love a purity ring.

Do you have or want a hope chest?
I would very much like a hope chest, preferably a large cedar chest with engraved hearts or flowers.

Will you wear a veil at your wedding?
Maybe, haven't thought that far ahead yet.

What kind of dress do you want?
Not sure at the moment, but it is definitely going to be white.

What kind of flowers do you want in your bouquet?
Red and White Roses or Red Hibiscus.

What do you want to name one of your daughters?
Oh I don't know I'll just give the top three, Rachel, Elizabeth (Beth) or Amanda.

What do you want to name one of your sons?
Richard, Paul, or Christian.

Do you believe in the knight in shining armor view of courtship?
I wish it existed, but alas there is no such thing.

What music do you want to play at your wedding?
Something soft, probably the classic wedding march, I need to think about that one.

Are you a hopeless romantic?
No, at this stage of my life romantic fantasies are not what I should be focusing on, but yes sometimes I think about romance.

Romance is a funny thing. There are a lot of times in a young woman's life when she will think she is falling in love. The key is not to be led by your feeling but by God's will. When you reach a marital age it is important to be able to tell the difference between a crush and Mr. Right. Some of the first questions you should ask when thinking, "Is he the right one?" are the following: Does he have a strong relationship with his parents? What does his visible relationship with God look like? Does he have a passion for Godly activities? Does he love children? How does he treat his mother? All of these are basic questions you should ask before forming any kind of relationship with a young man. Guard your heart, you can't get back pieces of your heart that you give away when you are young. I am going to try to preserve all of my heart for my future husband, but for now all of my heart belongs to my father.

May God Bless You All,

Abigail Prudence
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Anonymous said...

Hello Abigail! Here is a link where you can find more information about the Conference.



Abigail said...

Hi Abigail! Nice name! ;) Thanks for giving me a link to your blog. Good thoughts here.

I also enjoyed the lights video! I'd seen it before, but not this year. It never ceases to fascinate me!

Jennifer said...

Could you give a link to the blog where this questionnaire is?? Could I fill it out on your friend's blog, or may I copy and paste it and fill it out here? I love the questions.

Abigail Prudence said...

Hi Jennifer! I hope you check back here, as I don't know how else to contact you. To answer your question, I said at the first part of the post, you may take the questions and post them where ever you wish(copy & paste), just not on my blog. Thank you for your interest in my writings!

God Bless,
Abigail Prudence