January 2, 2010

Once every blue moon

Hi Everyone, this is a blue moon, it is very similar to your average full moon. This is the first blue moon that fell on New Years day since 1990! And it won't happen again until 2028. If you are wondering what a blue moon is, it is the second full moon that falls in your calender month. I took this photo myself out in our front yard, it was really cold outside! The temperature is finally starting to drop here in San Antonio. Luckily for us southern Texans, we only have weather like this for about 3 and a half months. This is the 2nd full day in two thousand and ten, twenty ten or 2010, however you say it, it's finally here!

Yesterday, dad and I went to a stock show for horses. It was soooo good to see a horse again! It has been 5 years since I've ridden a horse, and I've missed it so much. I will be taking lessons again probably starting after this month. I can't wait! It was a lot of fun watchin' the horses compete, but most importantly I got to spend fun time with dad. All of the competitors were under 18, and they all did an excellent job. Here is a couple of photos, and a video of a first place barrel winner.

I hope you liked the photos and video. Thanks for checking out my blog and may God give you grace and peace throughout this new year.

God Bless,
Abigail Prudence

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Anonymous said...

How fun! :) I love Horses, and Rodeos.. :D