October 4, 2010

What He Must Be ~ Book Review

Hi everyone, I have just finished reading this book called, What He Must Be If He Wants To Marry My Daughter, by Voddie Baucham. It's one of my favorite books ever, and I highly recommend it to any young lady capable of reading. The writer has so much wisdom and experience, it's hard not to love this book.

Wow, I can’t tell you how wonderful this book has been for me! The book was initially written to father’s who wanted to know what a Godly young suitor looks like, but it has been a wonderful education for me as well! Before I had read this book, I knew I didn’t believe in dating and was convinced that courtship was the right way to find a husband. But this book expanded my knowledge of this subject so greatly. There are so many roles that a husband has to take on when he becomes the husband of a wife and soon to be father. It is his responsibility to the provider, protector and prophet of the home. He must have a great passion for teaching the Word of God to his Wife and children. If a young lady was to date around with lots of young men, she would probably never find the man God has made her to be with. This book really helped me understand some of the basic rules of courting, rule #1 always stay with your family, it is not proper to go anywhere with this young man you have just meet, it might be romantic, but not wise. Rule #2 If you are interested in this young man as a possible husband, watch him very carefully, see how he treats his mother and sisters, see how he behaves in different situations, this will greatly influence you and your father’s decision. Most of the time when 2 people are in a relationship, they are on best behavior, learn from friends and family members how he normally acts, when your not around. Rule #3 Learn from his family, find out everything you can about him.

There are other guide lines, but every family’s view of a courtship is always a little different, which isn’t a bad thing. For instance, some families think its okay for the courting couple to go off together for an afternoon, other families are very strict about the two having alone time. Again, every family a bit different, and this book just made some basic observations, no real laid out rules, the rules above are my rules for courting. J This book has greatly exhorted me to learning as much as I can about being a wife and mother, so I can be the best wife possible to my future mate. A father and husband’s job is tuff, I want to be capable of doing everything I can to help him in his vision for my family. There are so many things that this book covered, I am so grateful that my dad bought it for me. This book is wonderful for anyone in the family to read, for young women to learn about what kind of husband to look for. A dad might read this book to further his understanding of the qualifications that a suitor should have. A young man might read this to learn more about what roles a Godly husband and father plays in the family. May God give me grace to learn and be the best wife and mother I can be.

God Bless you all and give you grace,

Abigail Prudence



Anonymous said...

Great review! I've been wanting to read this book for a while now, but now I want to read it even more! I've been hearing so many good things about it! =)

Miriam said...

The books looks really good!!