February 26, 2012

My New Hope Chest

Hello everyone, I don't have a article for you today, but I did want to tell you about my recent acquisition of a beautiful Hope Chest from my father this last weekend. He surprised me so much! The two of us took a trip down to Grene, Texas this last Saturday and he wanted to stop in an old antique store that we usually visit when we are in the area. I remembered that cedar chest that I always looked at when I was there and wanted to see if it was still for sale, so I went and looked. And to my great dismay there was a sold tag on it, darn it! It was exactly the kind of hope chest I'd always wanted, and now someone else had bought it. Oh well I thought, they'll be other chests out there. But then I looked a little closer at the tag, in little writing there was a note that said,

So I figured I might as well see who ended up with it and opened the chest, here's what I found:

I was so surprised!! My dad is amazing :D I love you dad! I got excited and huged him and everyone was watching us but I didn't care I was so happy :) I've already started thinking about how wonderful it will be to carry it into my new home after I get married and open it up and see all kinds of treasures that I've accumulated over the years. Does any one have any good ideas of what I should fill my new treasure chest with?

And here's a picture of it with the lid down.

God Bless ya all,

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Miriam said...

Aw, that was so nice of your Dad to buy you that beautiful hope chest! I have a hope chest too, and a few things that I have put in it are: tea pots, table cloths, books, things I want to save/remember{my first book,a scrap book,a sermon on marriage,etc}, and plates. Just be creative, Abigail! Everyone's hope chest is different and unique!
Have a blessed week.