April 27, 2012

The beauty of a garden

Hello everyone! So, I know I haven't been posting very often lately, but I've had so many wood working projects, gardening and school projects with my family and work at the local health club on top of that, it's been hard to find the time to sit down and write an article. Over the past month I have been working with my father in the garden building fences, garden boxes and a swing for our back yard. My mother has been teaching me how to grow a garden and I have been learning so much about how to grow healthy organic food for my family. We started most of the plants in our garden from seeds, but some of our tomatoes, peppers and broccoli we bought from H-E-B. We also built and started a flower garden in our front yard, it's been so wonderful to come out in the morning and see dozens of different colored butterflies flutter around the flowers. It reminds me of the butterfly center that dad and I went to when we got to the Father Daughter retreat in Georgia last month. Love you dad ;)
This is the first time that I've ever had experience with a garden and growing my own food. I'm so glad I have a very knowledgeable mother that can teach me how to do it the right way <3 I'm looking forward to making dinner with the food that we've grown from the garden, may God bless this project and let our little plants grow :) We are also trying to grow potatoes in barrels that you'll see in some of the pictures. The white swing dad and I repaired and I had a couple of friends come over and help me paint it white. We are going to put rocks around the fire pit and get more chairs so we can have friends over. I am so grateful for the beautiful place that God has put me in! I look around at the wild flowers, the old blue pick-up truck in the field behind out house. Here are some pictures of the area, its not done yet and I'll post pictures after it's finished too. Hope you like them and thanks for reading my blog :)

                                                           A beautiful book about gardens
                                                                 Before planting
                                                                   Little yellow flowers
                                                         The finished fence from the front
                                                        A bible verse that I wrote on the gate
                                                         Before we planted our sprouts
                                                 The beautiful landscape that's behind our yard
                                                                   Me, Mama and Dixie
                                                              Our beautiful yard!
                                                         So,whats in the barrels? Potatoes :)
                                                                     Our little lemon tree
                                                            Flower garden in the front
                                                              Dixie being adorable
                                                             The fence from the back
                                                 Our seeds that have sprouted and are growing!
                                                     A curious deer in the back woods
                                                                Dad working on the gate
                                                       Our beautiful piano in the living room
                                            The fire pit and the white swing in the background
                                                          Squash flowers are coming up! :D
                                                                   More pretty flowers
                                                          Another view of the garden

A note from a friend,

I am extremely excited for when all of Abigail's plants grow up! She does an amazing job and is an excellent gardner when she puts her mind to it. At first she had to do some research for her seeds and garden. I am very proud of her perseverance and how hard she tries to give her plants the love and patience they need.  This kind of action goes to show that even if someone is a beginner with something a few things people must remember- be patient with yourself, others, and your project.

From Amber :)
Thanks Amber for your kind words and help you've given me in a lot of the projects! It's been fun to have you around <3

God Bless,
Abigail Prudence


Miriam said...

How neat! We are working on our garden this week too! Looks like y'all have a wonderful garden! God's creation is marvelous!

Melissa M. said...

Your garden does look wonderful!
And it was great to meet you at church the other day! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope to see you again soon. :) God bless!